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Re: Bush Administration Officially Found Guilty of War Crimes
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, July 4 2013, 5:04:48 (UTC)
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...during WW II when the Air Force was planning its fire-bombing of the civilians of Tokyo a senior American administrator said if we lose this war we will be executed as war criminals.....and so they were and so is this latest crop, including Obama who possibly is the worst of all because he dashed so many foolish hopes.

It is truly a big deal to become America's first Black president...but by shedding how much innocent blood....Nobel Peace Prize...really?

The truth is that Obama isn't Black, in the real sense of the word...he isn;t a person steeped in his actual Black roots and experience...he's a half-honky who kissed enough white ass all his life to become the world's greates Uncle Tom of all time.

Until we don;t recognize the pure business-potential of wars, even wars of "democracy" we're going to keep turning our war criminals.....just like we keep having business criminals...they're the same...only the product is different, and the results, of course.


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