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Re: CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion...(a must read).
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, January 4 2017, 13:36:57 (UTC)
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I've always wondered about halabcha bombing because I've heard different things from just about anyone. I do know one thing about Saddam and he was never scared to face up to something or answer to it. When he was first caught and held by the Americans, Ahmad chalabi, that piece of shit, asked him what he would say to God about his killings of Iraqis and he stood his ground and did not shy away from him and he actually ridiculed him.

Saddam has been falsely portrayed as a racist who hates Kurds and that's definitely not true since he signed the peace agreement in the 70s and he was the only one who recognized them and granted them autonomy because he wanted a peaceful and unified Iraq. Turkey has killed and abused Kurds far more and longer than Saddam and most in the West don't know about it. I know Iraqi families were furious when Kurdish fighters had butchered Iraqis soldiers who were sleeping in their tents in the North during the war with Iran.

He's never denied punishment for them but he and his inner circle would always respond furiously when asked about chemical attacks against Kurds. Whenever Saddam visited the North, he would dress like a Kurd as a sign of respect and same with when he visited Shia region of the South. He was definitely a proud man and not one who would hide from his actions. I have an uncle who was a very popular soccer player in the 60s and Saddam and Uday always respected him and when he was seeking refuge in the West, he actually turned it down when he was asked to seek political asylum and refused to talk badly of Saddam because he just couldn't lie about him. I also remember Iraqis Shia and Kurds dancing in front of fox news in Atlanta when Saddam was caught and a small group of Shia showed up with signs of support for him and they were beaten up badly by the right wingers.

I just find it absurd that he was compared to Hitler when he was an ant compared to him. There is so much we'll never know but this is interesting coming from someone that dealt with him. Bush was the one who turned down the debate via satellite where he wanted the world to judge after the debate. Even if Saddam has killed people, so has Bush and Blair and every American president and Saudis and others. It's just one sided when you see little guys like Saddam or Milosevic in courts but the big criminals are free.


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