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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, November 26 2016, 22:20:01 (UTC)
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A while back, a right-winger Obama-hater juxtaposed a clip of Obama surrounded by dark shaded men while the President was safely inside a bullet-proof limo, meanwhile the people on the street were pushed back far enough not to be able to do him any harm. Then he posted Qaddafi with his fists up in the air, standing up in a convertible, with the masses of Libyans encircling him, touching him, with some women in tears. His point was the same which you are making. Libyans loved their leader; Cubanos love "El Jefe" (FideL). One of the best comments I read was this: "Fidel won. He lived to see the end of democracy". Unfortunately for us, this is a true statement.


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