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Re: Chaldeans vs. Assyrians in Iraq and in the USA
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 19 2014, 18:12:08 (UTC)
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Just as McCain and Wolfowitz and those other thugs have the nerve to reappear on FOX and give us their "expertise", when they were so wrong to begin with, so too have our nationalists, at every stage, gotten our situation completely WRONG. They were the ones telling us that the wars against the people of Iraq were a "golden opportunity" for assyrians...that surely NOW the West would give us "what we deserve"...we cheered, we wept, we prayed and we PAID for the war to be a success, meaning smash Saddam and Islam...and it did....and this is the result.

And just like Wolfowitz and the rest, in a few decades, when Germany or whoever decides to attack Iraq and its three remaining Christians still living there, they'll be back explaining how THIS TIME.........REALLY, the West will do something for us.


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