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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, November 13 2011, 3:49:02 (UTC)
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Americans have their head up their asses and all of them live in a Hollywood state of mind. That is why the TV channels are all showing "reality TV shows" now because whatever they are doing is working. It has these sheep on the couch watching and wishing while making barely 10,000 dollars per year. They spend more time reading about what underwear a celebrity bitch is wearing and don't care about what is happening to themselves. America fools them with Hollywood and this is how they portray their country to the world. Most people fall for this crap until they actually come here and realize things aren't as good as they seemed in those stupid movies they watched. Those fools who tune in and watch Kim Kardashian get wealthy will never be able to clean the celebrities toilet but dream and want to be like that. They believe like fools that they will be like that one day, and as you said, they will copy the celebrity even though they can't afford that lifestyle. We are in a recession with people going homeless but you still see major car dealers advertising in magazines, papers, TV etc. They know they can get these fools to buy a 20,000 dollar car that will never be paid off in full. They get fooled by "bad credit, no credit, no problem" but of course it's not a problem because all America has bad credit and they still have to make a sale.

When these people take their TV set, execute it Taliban style, and start reading, they will then finally wake the hell up. They have their heads up their asses right now because the TV is on. It's called "the American dream" because it doesn't exist. You have to stay sleeping in order to have it and you have to wake up to face reality. These people don't know reality because the only things they read are junks like celeb magazines, porn and the Bible of course. The Bible is probably the only book they read and that's another reason they are like this.


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