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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, June 15 2011, 6:34:19 (UTC)
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The last time I was in Canada visiting, all kinds of Assyrians who know my people were coming up to me and greeting me. My people were telling me to be careful because they snitch and spy on one another. I guess it's pretty common for Assyrians to call the police or govt on others in order to bring them down. I also found out in Chicago Assyrians who lose money in the chaikhanas through gambling usually call the FBI and report the activities in order to screw the rest. It's their way of not paying up. Assyrians will do anything and always will bring each other down but they are still trying to unite with Chaldeans, Suryoye and others so they can give it to Muslims. I remember one clown on another forum saying something like if only all Assyrians could unite regardless of church and we would rule the world. I laughed at him. Another one said he would burn Assyria(Kurdistan) before allowing Kurds to have it. I guess he thought it's only couple homes there.


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