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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, June 15 2011, 14:30:28 (UTC)
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I was warned of the same thing about the Persians in L.A., the snitching, backstabbing and envy. When I worked in a bank, I used to go out of my way to help Assyrians and Persians who didn't speak any english. But in no time, I learned my lesson. It got so bad, that I'd lie about being Assyrian/Iranian or speaking either language, and of course, the feedback I got was getting cussed at in Farsi and Assyrian. I'd get either an Assyrian or Persian customer and the first thing they'd ask is "Ashuri? Irani?" and I would act dumb and say no "Italian", to which they'd respond "eri ghu poomit yimukh" and I'd say " Oh, thanks, same to you". And the same with the Persians, they'd stand there and cuss at me in Farsi to get a reaction, and I'd just smile and say "va fangul!" to which their response was always "vhat eez fa vangul?" How unfortunate... I don't know if these folks were like this back in the old country, or they just turned this way while living in the states. Either way, I stay the fuck away from them... except for the few, exceptional ones.


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