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Re: China Joins the Fight Against ISIS?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, October 1 2015, 19:29:17 (UTC)
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Definitely true and I have seen it myself. The wahabbis target new converts because they're easier to catch. Ordinary Muslims don't fall for that trap so they got after newbies. When the son of Elijah Muhammad ended the NOI and brought his group to Sunni Islam, the Saudis offered him a lot of money to become salafi but he rejected them. I got into an actual fight with a white boy salafi who snatched my prayer beets out of my hands and said they were "haraam". These people are filthy and fucked up and Saudi Arabia is behind them. Muhammad ibn Abdul wahab was rejected by his own brother and father who both wrote books against his teachings. One of their favorite scholars was sheikh Albani of Albania who was really not even a scholar of Islam. He was known for taking all the fake and weak hadiths and printing them in books and that's what they go by. They think whatever he says is true even though he didn't know shit nor did he learn from anyone important in Islam history. They take everything literal and they're so plain and boring.

As for Iran, I can definitely see that their version of Islam definitely has Zoroastrian influence in it. The Bahia were a sect within Shia Islam and turned out to become a religion of their own today. I know the twelve imam sect is the largest but there is also the ismailis who only have 7 and the zaidis of Yemen only have five imams. Abdullah bin sabah is supposedly who started the whole Shia thing and he was a convert Arab Jew.


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