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Re: Consider the Diabolical Fiendishness of Christianity
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 0:06:47 (UTC)
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Thank GOD for the Enlightenment and Atheism..

I used to be quite a Christian myself. If I didn't cross myself with the 'shimit baba, bruna...' while passing a church, I'd feel like I committed a sin. When I was fifteen, it took me a few sessions of LSD in the desert and by the ocean to understand how reality is simply a state of mind (heaven, hell and god are only symbolic mental constructs).. I don't know who it was that I recently heard saying that if he was to worship anything it would be the sun: since he can see it, feel it's warmth and energy... and what else but the sun nourishes all life?

(By the way, I'm not advocating or recommending LSD.. one can reach similar planes of consciousness through meditation or philosophical contemplation. And LSD is not a drug. Shamanic tribes have used psychedelics before the creation of the Abrahamic god and still do in places along the Amazon, Mexico and the SouthWest... they have and still refer to hallucinogens as "medicine".)


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