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Re: Consider the Diabolical Fiendishness of Christianity
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 20:14:49 (UTC)
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There's something to be said after all for being persecuted...throughout their history the Hebrews, against all factual evidence, believed they were the chosen of God...there's also something to be said against actually believing you are worm, born in sin and destined for hell.

The Jews may well have been saved from themselves by having their dignity constantly attacked...from somewhere within enough of them decided that living well was the best revenge.

Religion may have had its uses when people were afraid of the dark and lived in dread that the sun would not come back...but for the last 1000 years at least it has been a drag on civilization and human development...all religions...they all peddle opinion in place of fact...revelations in place of experimentation and discovery...and all of them thrive on superstition and the fucking over of young minds, at the least.

They no longer deserve anyone's respect...they are NOT the teachers of beneficial, humane, morality...and they should be attacked and ridiculed everywhere and all the times.


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