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Re: Could our Professor give an EXPLANATION !
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 23:07:41 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Pancho :
>Your sneaky motives can't work by saying :
>" that Christian site is run by Ben Warda or whatever his actual name is...the man's a fool of the highest order...."

..."sneaky"? I came out and SAID it! Where was I sneaking?
>I am posting that not because what our brother William Warda wrote, BUT TO LOOK AT THE WRITING OF THE CHURCH ENTRANCE which said those words, and those writings in a facade of such JACOBITE CHURCH are not work OF William Warda .

...I never said they were...but the word "Assyrian"was only added to our COE in 1976. What is written above a church door hardly has any could write above a Buddhist temple in Arizona..."BUddhist Navajo Temple"...all that would mean is that the Buddhist temple is in the land of the navajos...doesn't make the Buddhists Indians.

Sasme with "Chaldean Catholic Church":...or, Jacobite Church Of Assyria"...or "Jacobit Church of Arizona"....doesn't mean the Jacobites in that church are Navajo Indians.....the Catholics IN the area known as Chaldea did not BECOME ethnic you well know. And neither were those Nestorians entering their church IN ASSYRIA anything other than Nestorians walking into a church LOCATED in Assyria...kay?


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