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Re: Could our Professor give an EXPLANATION !
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 21:54:15 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Dear all:
>Pancho always is backing up the so-called Professor

..he has the credentials to more than prove he is a well as professor emeritus. I think you only injure whatever point you think to make by going on like this...I mean that you can't even accept what the entire country you live in recognizes...not a good start to claiming you have anything worthwhile to impart.

who is a tool of the anti-Assyrianism are far more damaging to Assyrians than Dr Joseph...and there is no anti-you anywhere...except those who think as you do.

, and one of his GENIOUS writings in his book about the NESTORIANS, he claimed that the BRITISH called thim ASSYRIANS while they never know it that before, in any way that is a BIG LIE ,and we

..not even once and not even close. Like everything else about you simply make grandiose statements...and yet the tone and manner in which you express yourself shoots whatever you say in the are afraid now because these writings are getting out there on the net and being read by many people...the best you can think to do is to merely say "we have answered them many times"..this, like everythign else you bring to this discussion is a lie, it is whistling in the dark to soothe your ahve given not a shred of evidence to even hint he might be wrong..least of all those absurd five lines.
>Now, my question to this Professor through Mr.Pancho , could our Professor give an explanation to the following where you will see an entrance of a Church that belongs to the JACOBITES where is the two lines in GARSHONY/Jacobite writing which said the first three words the following:

..first of the church, all churches, lie. It's that simple. The very bible itself was patched together well after the events it describes...and they toow ere rewritten to make a case suitable to the church's own needs...religion is taught in universities in its own section, it is neverv refered to as a source for historical events...unless merely to check what the church says about itself..I told you before that people who believe they will live on clouds, eat human flesh and drink human wine, peddle shrouds of Turin and the fifteen elbows of St Paul are not acceptable as historians....of any but their own myths.
>" In the days of Aphram I , the Assyrian ........ " one said any such thing...put the evidence HERE...don't just tell us about it...and we've said before, that to be called an "Assyrian" simply meant to have been BORN in the land known throughout the bible world as Assyria...for centuries after the last Assyrian native merged with and blended with all the other people who moved in and across there...just as the Sumerians "disappeared". This is old hash.
>Could this genious Professor explaine that, because he said the British called the NESTORIANS to be ASSYRIANS, for sake of the argument LET US AGREE ON THAT, but now we see the JACOBITES claiming to be ASSYRIANS , how is that ?

...they only did it recently themselves and not all of thema gree...there are many people today of that background who refuse to be called Assyrians.

..that christian site is run by Ben Warda or whatever his actual name is...the man's a fool of the highest order....but a Christian one.


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