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Re: Could somebody put a NUMBER of slaughter to be a GENOCIDE!
Posted by NARAM SIN (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 2:43:16 (CET)
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Jumblat wrote:
>It seems nobody can answer my question, IS THAT CORRECT ?

go search a dictionary you dumb christian and you will have answer. i will be kind 1 time and tell you the defintion. there is no number to constitute a genocide but it has all to do with intention or motive. ethnic cleaning in which mass killings take place is a genocide. you never suffered such thing or you wouldnt be alive today. if the intent of the ottoman empire was to ethnically kill all the christians or assyrians it had over 600 years to do so but thyey didnt. the christians of anatolia decided to betray the ottoman government and it resulted in casualties on both sides. so a genocide never happen. but of course if you roam the christian web sites they will tell everyone that 2 genocides took place against assyrians by muslims but they are liars. neither turkey or any other muslims committed a genocide against the christians who now call themselves ASSYRIAN but they were checked for their back stabbing. the same thing would happen to anyone and anywhere for betraying. the turks killed certain individuals and not because they called themselves ASSYRIANS or because they worshipped a jewish man-god. it took the muslims only a few years to defeat the 2 great super powers the persians and the byzantines. it would have taken a few days at the most to kill the few christians who now call themselves ASSYRIAN. but they didnt kill them because they had mercy and compassion which the christians didnt have and even today most christians dont have compassion or sympathy for anyone. the reason why the Assyrian population is low today is not because they were all killed by muslims or forcefully converted but because most of them voluntarily became muslims and helped create the next best empire since the times of ASSYRIA. most of the nestorians also became muslim between the 7th and 9th centuries. there much more ASSYRIASNS today than what the christians claim but they think that they have a special right to call themselves ASSYRIAN because they are christian.


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