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Posted by Babel (Guest) - Monday, December 4 2006, 14:21:31 (CET)
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lol, you really are a funny but stupid guy!

There you go assuming that I am Suzy David. I guess its in your nature to make ridiculous assumptions and publish them as fact. Oh wait, I don't guess, the Supreme Court has made that ruling, and it appears they have made it not once but twice - I just finished reading the case by Mar Meelis which you appear to have lost as well - let me guess you had a birthday party that night and couldn't turn up, LOL...

For your information Sherlock, Suzy is my solicitor and has been for a long time. I asked her when I wanted to invest about the scheme and she told me not to invest and that she didn't know enough about the business to make any recommendations or provide advice to me about whether to invest. All i know is everyone around me and in the community were investing, including friends and family, and fell for the scam, but the difference is that not everyone is crying like a baby now and making up crap as they go along like a dirty coward like you are.

I love your conspiracy theories that Suzy transferred Karl Suleman's money overseas into Jewish accounts. Let me guess, you have sources in Swiss Banks that provided you with this information. Mate, all I can say is Michael Moore has more credibility than you have.

Anyway, Good luck paying the $400,000.00 Sherlock.


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