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Re: David Chibo - Defamation Judgement
Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Monday, December 4 2006, 13:09:58 (CET)
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Hi Suzy David,

Glad to see you made it to our forum.

Anyway congratulations on your win. You neglected to mention that I was on honeymoon at the time and could not have possibly have defended this case at the time.

Babel wrote:
>Yet another Supreme Court judgement against David Chibo for defamation:
>This guy has two supreme court judgements against him, and apparently owes over $400,000.00 in damages.

What? Is that all. After all the threats and bragging and bravado is that the best you can do against an undefended case? The last judgment doubled our ratings at Zinda what do you think this one will do?

>Oh well, I personally think people that defame others are the biggest cowards, and I am glad that they are made to pay for their cowardly actions.

The only thing I've paid is you back for lying to me and telling me that Karl Suleman's investment scheme hadn't received any complaints in August, 2001 when you knew better.

Oh by the way I know all about Leonard David and his cracking into my hotmail account at your behest and then passed it onto Mar Meelis who broke criminal law on satellite TV by reading out illegaly obtained emails from my hotmail accounts.

What do you think the judge will think of that? I actually know many other things which will be revealed at a later place and date.

Anyway stay and post perhaps we can discuss this issue here. I have nothing to hide.


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