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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 27 2011, 1:45:00 (UTC)
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Could it be the same with each group of people who've been discriminated against, and in turn, discriminate against others when they gain the upper hand?

...I think so...seems to me you have two choices, even though you were hurt, you have to decide to come down on one side or the other, as victim, or identify with your tormentors and become one yourself...what makes the difference in which choice a person makes?...seems to me if you never believed you deserved the awful treatment you received, that the fault was with the bully and not you, you retain your humanity and sense of self and refuse to become that which unjustly injured you...but, if you suspect deep down inside somewhere that you "deserved" what was done to you...that you were secretly "bad" or unworthy and that your tormentor merely saw you for what you really are: someone worthy to be despised, then you might seek out other "unworthy" people to a way of almost even justifying what was done to the Nazi found out that you really ARE a piece of shit....where you were able to fool other people, less astute and wise.

Jews have a tough row to hoe believing they are really the chosen and darlings of God...their history of persecution would make any mildly reasonable person wish God would go choose someone else...they basically violate all common human sense by stubbornly clinging to this notion, in spite of all the evidence they have that they are hated by their God and not cherished....but deep inside somewhere there must be a nagginf doubt, like "if I really AM Godīs darkling, would he allow this to happen to me"?

In that case when someone starts abusing and persecuting you, you might suspect that he, if not you, knows your God despises is probably your own secret assessment of yuourself...if thatīs at all true, then you might fell, especially if youīre aDraky confronted with "superior" Whites, that they know the truth of your worth...that you deserve to be abused, aftyer all, your own God is abusing you and making it seem like you deserve it, and also that he loves you all the time....thereīs a great impetus I think, in such a become an abuser yourself, rather than identify with the victims, victims like yourself....

what it amounts to is that religion fucks you over and this is itīs primary objective.


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