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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 26 2011, 13:02:11 (UTC)
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...when youīve been the target of a bully...or when youīve been discriminated against, you can grow up to have two reactione...either you abhor what happened to you so much that you resolve never to do the same to anyone else or, you decide itīs going to be your turn to be a bully one day and you canīt wait to inflict the same torment on others that you were subject to.

Growing up in Kuwait for a year I had a hard time from Kuwaiti boys and teachers...since Iīd been in America for the three yearsprevious and spoke English plus assyrian only, no Arabic, and was light skinned etc., they treated me as a substiute punching bag for the Britiah they couldnīt get their hands on...that was the year the British and French bombed Port Said, in Egypt, killing only civilians, which also almost got me killed by enraged mobs of Arabs boys....tosave us my father sent us to live with an uncle in Baghdad and a few months later revolution erupted in the streets and the Regent was murdered as well as young King Faisal...we almost got it again...thatīs when they decided to send us to Chicago....Al Capone was long-gone so they figured weīd be safe there....which always made me wonder how assyrians could be so damned prejudiced, since we suffered from just such prejudice ourselves...why is the only lesson learned, "canīt wait to do the same MYSELF"?


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