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Re: Do We Not Think It's Time to Re-Define War?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 9:38:41 (UTC)
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I agree fully. This isn't 3,000 years ago when people didn't know what soap was and one had to fear barbaric people with swords invading your land or taking over. US is the only active empire today and has done far worse than anyone in the ancient world. There is no need for these fancy weapons and high-tech which cost ton to make today unless the who is making them or owns them knows he will make profit. When I say this and bring this up, I get the same kind of reaction where they say "you really believe our govt would kill its own for money" and I say why the fuck not? Why wouldn't they? Are these bastards related to the billionaires? Yes, they would kill their own or at least some of them if it meant profit and other gains. There are Americans who are homeless and die so without help yet the govt don't help. In fact, the same motherfuckers who question me with the above don't care that millions die from drugs, diseases etc, and now would those who make profits care about those questioning me?

Just as those who question me don't care about the one sleeping on newspapers, those who make money from wars don't care about the ones who think I am loco. I may be crazy but Americans are beyond that if you ask me and wicked. These people play with lives and families just to make money. Even though the average person doesn't benefit from wars and many are devastated, there are a good few who benefit financially, politically, etc. The Vietnam war was a loss to American military but not a loss to those who wanted the war and sold weapons to the communists whom the US was supposedly fighting. Saddam was called America's ally when he was at war with Iran but he and Ayatollah were getting their weapons from the same people except that seller was rooting for only one of them. That war went on for almost a decade and imagine how much money was made and not to mention how many died so that a few crackers could make money.

During the cold war, US and Soviets were both funded by the same folks and the public actually believed there were dangers and threats. Bush's ancestor was not only ally with Hitler, but actually in business with him. Now the little Bush has become a hero in Israel and is such a "friend". They even wanna build a statue of him because he has been so good to Israel, yet this is the direct descendant of the same person who was friends with a guy who killed 6 million Jews. But then again, I shouldn't be surprised that Israeli govt doesn't care because there were some Jews who made profits by helping Nazis catch other Jews. Some were given lots of cash and moved to NYC and other places. There are traitors in every community and those in Israel are such.


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