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Re: Does religion cause mental illness?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, October 5 2011, 15:29:44 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>My old professor used to say, "If I heard voices coming from a burning bush, I'd piss on it to put it out!"

...xactly. There aren't enough hours in a year to list the damage that religion has caused...and it's bullshit that if nothing else we learned morality from religion...are you serious? Morality....from the bible? The truth is that people living in societies came up with morality all on their own...just as today, we don't need the fucking bible or its god to tell us what's right and fact this god just muddies the waters and gets people to do things they are too decent to do except he commands them and threatens them if they don't obey....take circumcision...ordinarily no human bean would inflict such pain and long-range damage on their own child, but they do it gladly, rejoicing all the way because that lunatic god tells them they must.


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