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Re: Don't we need religion?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, November 5 2011, 5:23:32 (UTC)
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Website title:, we don't...but then obviously we do...or some people make us feel compelled to need it...

...Those who claim existence for a God have the burden of proof.....not those who refuse to believe such twaddle. It's the old pigs on Mars thing again...if YOU make a fantastic claim then YOU have to prove can't ask me to DISPROVE it and if I can't, to your satisfaction, you tell me it MIGHT be true....bull.

...just because people believe a God exists doesn't mean he means they would LIKE him to exist, it means they BELIEVE he exists...but it doesn't make him exist.

...but religion is a man-made institution serving the needs of its power-brokers...if they manage to get their hands on children they may be able to make those children need religion...but not otherwise....not if a person has healthy, clean mind.


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