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Re: Don't we need religion?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, November 5 2011, 18:30:07 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>>...Those who claim existence for a God have the burden of proof.....not those who refuse to believe such twaddle. It's the old pigs on Mars thing again...if YOU make a fantastic claim then YOU have to prove it...
>= It's not a fantastic claim. The concept of God is not that of an animate object or a bearded man floating somewhere in space. If we cannot regress back to infinity then there must be a starting point, an “unmoved mover”, an originating source of everything in existence.

...define your God. And no, there doesn't have to be anything that WE can understand. If you mean any of the Gods produced in history so far, then the burden is indeed on those making such fantastical claims...there is no difference between Jesus and Zeus, not in both cases and in all such cases, we are asked to take someone's word for it that these people actually exist...that I refuse to do.

I will grant you that there are mysteries behind this world we see...but 200 years ago germs were a mystery too. That's no reason to worship them. We may ultimately solve that "Big Question" or we may not...personally I don't care....


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