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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 31 2007, 4:06:49 (CET)
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I enjoyed the photos of course...the sight of children is always a treat.

But I'm wondering if this latest effort to show Iraq as a great place to live or move back to, in the face of all the disruption and violence isn't that old attempt to get people who can make a "presence" for those of us who a way of building up the population so we can make some sort of claim to land or whatever.

I find it odd that the very peopel who ran years ago when Iraq was stable and Christians owned liquor stores and went to college and worked...a time we were told was so terrible and awful that we just had to go diaspora all over the place...are now coming to us and saying Iraq is a great place to return to...or stay in.

I mean we have 17 years of unpresendented warfare against a civilian population...a n attack which included indiscriminate starvation of babies...of a concenterted attack by a coalition of Christian nations among the most advanced and bloody the world has ever known...and NOW is the time to return to Iraq? Now?

The 70s and 80s were impossible....but 2008 is JUST the time to return?

I have to wonder whose idea this is. I see the same nationalists who are using our people make a presence FOR them. I don't doubt that there are some opportunities now in buy cheap, for one thing. Old Rev. Ken was telling us to come to Baghdad and eat ice cream...we were also told to "go north" where all was milk and honey...and now this; rosy cheeked villages and sweet=faced children who would rather be anywhere else but in a war zone.

I don't know...just seems odd.


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