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Re: EXAMPLES are there , it doesn't that much efforts to find THEM...
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, November 28 2007, 20:29:34 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>" We're still waiting on Mumbo Jumbo to provide ONE such incident "
>REPLY >>>
>What good will do, when we provided many of them, to ignorant people like you and your co-host the so-called ASSYRIANMUSLIM -what a disgrace to ASSYRIANISM -because you are living in a state of hallucination and most severe a state of DENIAL, shame on you SHAME ... SHAME .... SHAME ... to a camel jockey try to lead our nation, a fake prophet that call himself a prophet WITHOUT ONE SINGLE PROPHECY !!!

Hey akhee, why don't focus on the question and fulfil the assignment that you were asked to do by brother Pancho. You have failed miserably and this has been your biggest challenge in your miserable life. You have never eperienced such challenge nor did you ever think that there would be people like Pancho out there who would ask you show proof. Making claims is not the same as proof. It seems that you people have a hard time with this. being punished for a crime is not the same as being "persecuted", attacking or fighting against a government and getting punished for it is not due to "religion" or "ethnicity". If you people truly were hated, discrimminated against and killed, 1,400 years and you have brought nothing but your angry insults and no proof to back your claim.

You say that you been "persecuted" no one takes you serious. You say "genocide" and Shimon Perez said that was not a "genocide" and the world to this day has not recognized it. Whenever 1915 is even mentioned, we always hear "Armenians" and not "Assyrians". Partially it's because it's well over exaggerated, you people were not Assyrian back then, and only in your imagination were you truly persecuted. So instead of worrying about Muhammad(pbuh) whose sandals you're not worthy of touching, why don't focus on your easy and simple task.

As always and you people hang yourselves by showing us that you are a Christian community rather than Assyrians as direct and only descendants of Assyria. I got news for you, Assyrians ruled the a large part for many centuries and there today more than 2 or 3 million Assyrians, the key is that when you people say Assyrian, you actually mean Christian. Don't try to distract or swing away from the subject.


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