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Re: EXAMPLES are there , it doesn't that much efforts to find THEM...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 29 2007, 1:26:37 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>" We're still waiting on Mumbo Jumbo to provide ONE such incident "
>REPLY >>>
>What good will do, when we provided many of them, provided not a single one...except for Homs...which even you addmitted happened because the Christians rebelled...that don't count.

to ignorant people like you and your co-host the so-called ASSYRIANMUSLIM

...I repeat things that are important to ignorant people like you all the fact for years now. The value in that isn't to "teach" you anything. I could care less what you think or learn...if you don't mind being ignorant why should I care. The value comes from showing our READERS...who live all over the world, what a "stupid and ignorant" person I showing THEM all the evidence, as many times as you can, so they can see I am a big blowhard with nothing to say to you in answer...but, as always, you shoot YOURSELF in the foot by getting indignant...which only shows us that you never had any such evidence..or you would post it again and again and again..after all, you aren't WRITING the stuff...all it takes is the click of a few buttons and you could post it...if you had it.

-what a disgrace to ASSYRIANISM

..the one who installs Assyrian monuments, the first in 2500 years, in American cities and whose sculptures raises thousands of dollars for our misguided people is no disgrace.

-because you are living in a state of hallucination and most severe a state of DENIAL, shame on you SHAME don't seem to mind scolding us have plenty of time to "waste" on that...yet you can't find two minutes to put the evidence before us that would PROVE I was denying..or hallucinating. See what I's always best to be honest and shoot straight.

.. SHAME .... SHAME ... to a camel jockey try to lead our nation, a fake prophet that call himself a prophet WITHOUT ONE SINGLE PROPHECY !!!

...if you mean me...I'm no prophet...if you mean Muhammad, his religion has moved mountains around the world...and it is growing.

..why don't you stick to the point...give us ONE example to back your claims.


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