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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, February 11 2017, 21:21:09 (UTC)
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"Trump uses "fake news" accusations every time he can...whereas those really concerned with this phenomenon use it sparingly and only when discussing actual fake news, they can yelling it every time Trumpsters hope we'll come to believe that the last person to issue fake news is Trump...and THAT is fake."

-- "Fake News" is yet another tactic which Trump learned from his mentor, scumbag self-hating Jew and self-denying homosexual Mafia lawyer and Sen. Joe McCarthy's "Rasputin", Roy Cohen; who, during the 1950's, went after Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg, sending the Jewish couple to the electric chair. Afterward, he became Joe McCarthy's "good Jew" attack dog whose rabid allegations resulted in the blacklisting of "bad Jews": writers, filmmakers and actors ("The Hollywood Ten") in the movie business due to their alleged affiliations with Communism. "SEE YOU IN COURT" was Cohen's famous threat... and "the Donald" learned this from his mentor. During his tutelage under the wing of Cohen, Trump met his mentor's client/friends: like "Big Paulie" Paul Castellano, head of powerful Gambino crime family, became a friend of Trumps, and his cement company was utilized in the building of Trump Tower:

"Trump's business has been dependent almost from the start on real-life racketeers. There was Anthony 'Fat Tony' Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, and Paul 'Big Paulie' Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family, who owned the company that provided the ready-mix cement for Trump Tower, used in place of the usual steel girders. There was John Cody, the boss of Teamsters Local 282, who controlled the cement trucks and was an associate of the Gambino family. There was Daniel Sullivan, Trump's labour 'consultant', who in partnership with the Philadelphia crime boss Nicodemos 'Nicky' Scarfo's financier, sold Trump a property in Atlantic City that became his casino. There was Salvatore 'Salvie' Testa, 'crown prince' of the Philadelphia Mob, who sold Trump the site on which two construction firms owned by Scarfo built the Trump Plaza and Casino. There was Felix Sater, convicted money launderer for the Russian Mafia, Trump's partner in building the Trump SoHo hotel through the Bayrock Group LLC, which by 2007 had more than $2 billion in Trump licensed projects and by 2014 was no more. There was Tevfik Arif, another Trump partner, Bayrock's chairman, originally from Kazakhstan. Bayrock's equity financing came from three Kazakh billionaires known as 'the Trio', who were reported to be engaged in racketeering, money laundering and other crimes. And so on."

^^^ This link above will direct you to the London Review of Books' article written by Sidney Blumenthal (father of anti-Zionist, Max Blumenthal) and close friend and confidant of the Clintons. It's definitely worth the read.


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