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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 23:52:35 (CET)
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AssyrianMuslim wrote:
>You want the author for the first book "When Jesus became God" or the author of the other book I mentioned? For the first book the authors name is Robert Eisenmann or Richard Rubenstein. I cant exactly remember which one it is but I can go back and recheck I always get the two authors mixed up, but the second author I was talking about I can't even remember his name so I will definetely get his name for you as well, InshaAllah.

...I'll take any you have. I'm especially interested in the first two centuries of Christianity. I'm beginning to agree with one fellow who said early Christians were Jewish converts...not Assyrians certainly. The truth is that the religion had limited appeal. The "spread" of Christianity was achieved through force and murder of parents whose orphans were "saved" by the Church. You can almost be sure of this because it is precisely what they accuse Muslims of...and you can count on these people ascribing their crimes to others, usually innocent ones too. Hell, their entire religion is based upon heaping their sins onto the back of an innocent victim and murdering HIM...punishing HIM for their crimes...and so they seek to put the crimes they've committed in "spreading" their religion onto the backs of Muslims...trying to mkake Islam guilty of Christianity's crimes. see them doing it in Iraq today; THEY go there to rape women and get pissed at the women for fighting is never their crime which matters to them; it is the resistance of their VICTIMS they punish, as if it was the only "sin" around.

..they say nothing of the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis for the last 17 years but want the world to know Muslims committed a "genocide" 90 years ago! The fact that it wasn't a genocide at all means nothing to them...because they NEED it to be offset the shameful fact that the only real Holocaust and major genocide committed on this planet was committed by Christians.


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