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Re: Freedom of Speech in Assyria
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, March 24 2008, 21:06:45 (CET)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Don't make such silly comments without knowing the facts.
>The message is there , the reason was they went back to the previous system and didn't work the way I used to post my messages, but now you will see my messages there without any delay !

...there's one big fact you're forgetting...and that is that your messages will only get on there, with or without delay, if you say the right things. That's the real issue we're discussing...and it isn't true that messages don't first get revued.....maybe they're doing it faster sometimes, but they still have to approve of everything.

...whatever system they use the fact remains that they ban and delte what they don't approve of...which you don't ever have to worry about over here. I leave it to you to decide why there is a difference.


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