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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, January 15 2009, 19:54:01 (CET)
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There is certainly enough hell in Christian countries and even more hell in countries attacked and occupied by Christians...but this merely another attempt to distract get us off the subject of your lies and distortions.

Once again you are asking for what you will not have persistently refused to provide any evidence for the claims YOU MADE against islam...and you still can't back up your statements with FACTS,,,not facts about Mecca or median or the conditions in Muslim countries oen ever argued those with you...the isue YOU raised as that...

1. islam forcibly converted people and
2. Muslims killed people JUST for their religion.

To date you have provided no factual evidence for this and instead come to us with Muhammad did this or that...or things aren't good in Muslims countries. Those are separate issues and if you really want to have that discussion then first be so courteous, and show us the way, by answering our questions about YOUR claims.

Christian nations were and are among the most barbarous in history....things were great in Germany in the fact Berlin was THE modern city of Europe right until the day Hitler was voted into office, by Christians. Yet how many OTHER nations, all Christians, suffered? Not to mention the damage he did to his own country...which was cut in two after his death?

You keep hopping around trying to obsucre your inability to back your claims...the ones we challenged. And it's wonderful to see you STILL doing it...still unable to back them up even after a year or more.

Keep it up.


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