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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 21:17:23 (UTC)
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White people, regardless Christian or Atheists, don't like it when the smell of their shit is mentioned. It's a lot easier to point out other people's shit, condemn them and criticize them while the same people can't handle the truth about themselves. I have come to realize something about many Americans, and they aren't all as stupid as they pretend to be. They know why the world hates them and what their CIA/Govt does around the world and in the Muslim world. They even admit at times but it is their arrogance and refusal to condemn their Govt actions when it comes to darker skinned people. Not all Americans are this dumb that they don't know what's going on but they just turn a blind eye and ignore it. Instead of condemning their own leaders, they want the rape victims around the world(Muslims and dark skinned people) to condemn their fighters for defending themselves. A Harris or Hitchens wants every Muslim to come out and say the Palestinian or any other Muslim who does a "suicide" bombing is evil and needs to be condemned, yet these bigots treat the lives of those victims as if they're not worthy.

I be a coward if I sat here and lashed out at a suicide bomber when I live in safety and don't experience what they go through. Let me rape and kill Hitchen's mama while he is the judge in court, and let's see if he will really spare me. Then we got Harris saying that almost all terrorism around the world is done by Muslims and he goes to compare Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis with Tibetans who never came close to experiencing what the above have. It's no comparison at all. Jews during the Roman occupation also carried out attacks which were suicidal but they were season as heroes by their people and rightfully so.

Something else about Hitchens, Maher, Harris and the few other "heroes" I noticed is they take the worse of Muslims or Islam and compare it to the best of the west. It's not fair at all. I have seen how Hitchens and Harris put pictures of Afghan women on display for their audience to view during lectures and then say "see what they do". I can be that shady too and take pictures of Mormons or the KKK holding the Bible in one hand and hanging Blacks while saying "see what Christians do". Taking the Taliban as the representatives of Muslims is even worse than taking the KKK as Christians. These same people, and Maher in particular, treat the Nazis as separate from Christians, yet FOX News goes to compare Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and just about every Muslim who is at war to Nazis. The clear Christians off of Nazism yet compare Muslims to it and that is more bullshit from White people.

They may have different labels such as Christian, Atheist, agnostic etc, but their prejudice, arrogance and mentality is the same.


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