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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, November 26 2010, 3:40:12 (UTC)
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That's very funny...

I just came back from the home of some Iranian friends who are so anti-Muslim and anti-Arab. So, it's not only Assyrians that have these narrow, hateful views towards Muslims and Arabs. There's a shit-load of Iranian "Uncle Toms" who vote Repulican, change their names from Asghar to Oscar, Mohammad to Mike, and so on... I always find myself getting attacked and cornered at these type of gatherings that I just get up and leave.

These folks also believe that there was a "Genocide", and keep trying to make me feel shameful for not agreeing with them.

There's a guy named Ali Sinai (I think that's his name) and he challenges anyone to debate him about Islam. I would love for Rashad to rip him a new one. If you're interseted, Rashad, I'll try to find his web site. He debated one of Iran's moderate clerics, but the old man died, and the debate died with him.

Marcel Georgio Malik

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