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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 22:34:33 (CET)
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How many Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans and others died during the wars?

If we were to start with the Assyrians before 1914, the sum of their population was at 80 thousand. In 1915, fights, hunger and diseases caused the deaths of 20 thousand people. It is not known how many people died during the peaceful years of 1916-1917, However, in the last year of the war, 10 thousand people died and in 1919-20 an additional 5 thousand died at Bakuba camp. The total number is about 35 thousand.

The Catholic sources say that before the war there were around 40 thousand Chaldeans. Most of them, about 28 thousand were in Mosul and 5 thousand Chaldeans were in Azerbijan.

According to the census of 1914. there were 4,356 Chaldeans in Bitlis and 5,994 Chaldeans in Siirt and Diyarbakir. The British carried out census in 1920 in Mosul and Amadia. It has been revealed that apart from the Armenians and Syriacs, 55,470 Christians were living in the region. In Mosul, there were 10 thousand Armenians(1907 census). 5-6 thousand Orthodox Syriacs(census 1907) 7 thousand Catholic Syriacs(Vailhe DC), 28 thousand Chaldeans(Vailhe DC),and in the north a few thousand Syriacs(Cuinet II p646, Longrigg p11). The numbers of the ones who died in Mosul cannot be more than a few thousand at most.

It is impossible to to determine the exact number of the dead people in Bitlis and Diyarbakir because in 1920 census carried out by Turkish officials, religion was not taken into consideration.

The 1914 census carried out by Ottomans revealed that there were 45,142 Syriacs(Catholic, Protestsand and Orthodox)in Diyarbakir and 36,550 in Mardin Sanjak, where 3,992 living in Bitlis(Karpat p188 f). The non existend of an Orthodox Syriac or Catholic Syriac Patriarch is the proof of the accurateness of these numbers but the Chaldeans had a patriarch in Siirt.

There are various numbers of dead people in Suleyman Hinno's book but the info is conflicting with itself. For example, the people killed in one place are reported as refugees in another region. The statements saying "all who could not escaped have been killed" do not reflect the truth. As an example, while talking about the massacre of Syriacs in the villages of Bote, Hinno says that these 2 thousand people had flied into church. The lrgest church in Tur Abdin in Hah was Mar Sabak church outer dimension of this church was 27.30m x11.10m(Selis, p151). Assuming that the inner dimension one meter less at each side, there must be 8 people on one meter square! Hinno's figures are absolutely not reliable. Hinno mentions events that took place in 1915 as if they did. One example is when the event of Nusaybin took plays, Muhammad Abbas is deemed appropriate as the "bad guy" (p39) but he was already dead 20 years before. Similarly, "his kind hearted" brother Suleyman Abbas(p42) is mentioned to have given a speech to the Syriacs but at that date he also was dead for many years. In Hinno's book the "tyrant" Hassan Haco appears in 1915 but he wasn't even born yet at that date. The incident took place in 1940s.


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