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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 22:58:35 (CET)
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Hinno mentioned the events that took place throughout a half a century as if they took place in 1 year. It says that tofether with his Kurdish and Syriac men, the Kurdish leader Elik attacked the Beth Debe, the village of Celebi(p53). It is no doubt Hinno did not mention that there were Syriacs in both sides. In his opinion, all the wars took place only between Muslims and Christians only. The information provided by Hinno regarding the year 1915 can at least be called unreliable(sounds like Fred Aprim when compared to reality, these are my words).

Claude Selis, the Belgian expert, gives the number of the dead people without any reference(again sounds like people we know, my words again). It says that 1 third of the Christian Syriacs were killed(p40 f) which means about 18 thousand people. Following the war, the Orthodox Syriac patriarch submitted the American king cane commission a list of dead people involving the names of 90,313 persons. The allies did not take the list serios because this number was 50% more than the number of Orthodox Syriacs who lived in the region in 1914.

On August 1915 in Urfa, an Armenian deserter shot three police men dead who were trying to arrest him. 200 people lost their lives during this incident after these events. Yonan boosts this number to 2000 immediately.

Finally, we can say that 55,000 Assyrian/Syriacs had been killed during the wars. This constitutes to one fourth of the population of the population in 1914. Most of them died from hunger and diseases. The rest have been killed primarly by their Kurdish neighbors and by the local Ottoman authorities, taking advantage of the authority vacuum in the region. The Assyrians have also killed Muslims whose number is unknown. Arfa says that in Azerbijan alone, Assyrians have killed at least 100 thousand Azerbijanis(Arfa the Kurds p63). During the war at least 100 Azerbijanis died but mostly due to diseases and hunger, similar to Assyrians and Syriacs. The number of the ones who have been killed by Assyrians was 30 thousand at most.

The present claim alleging that the Turks have mass murdered half million Assyrians and Syriacs is baseless.

(The actual number boosting now is at 800,000 Assyrians! these are my words).


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