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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 3 2011, 1:30:51 (UTC)
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there's no longer any doubt or question...whomever is outspokenly either Gay himself...or has some other sort of hang-up with his own sexuality...otherwise who else cares? Why should healthy people be concerned with what we do in our own homes...or among our pals?

Their obsession stems from their guilt and self-hatred, because they hate Gayness...and then, when busted, they say the Devil made me do it, in Grants case the Devil is "pornography" if it chases him down the street and forces itself on him....that's the reason these people NEED religion, because they think that if they believe God is watching, they'll behave...but they don't in any case...but when busted, they blame that OTHER God of theirs, the Devil.

Talk about taking it at both ends.


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