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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 15 2013, 19:59:43 (UTC)
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or maybe Muhammad fucked one of these heroe's mothers or else they wouldn't be so concerned with his private life. Having multiple wives, etc, were all common for thousands of years in all cultures until White Christians said it was bad, and that marriage, and sex was bad. Assyrians have an obsession with anything regarding Muhammad. They somehow think Muslims are ashamed or not aware of what Muhammad did. Yes, they know he married Aisha who had just hit puberty, yes they know he had multiple wives, and yes he had children. I ask again, what is your point? There is nothing secretive about the life of Muhammad. Do I believe he was a prophet of god? There is no god, thus, why would I believe someone is his messenger. If I had lived in his time, I probably would have believed because most people believed in god or gods.

But I still must admire and have respect for the man. Someone uneducated and able to take his people from a bunch of backward tribes, who were always fighting, to wanting to learn and be civilized. He managed to unify Arabs, bring social change, was a mayor, produced a book which over a billion people follow and millions have memorized, and even those who hated him still respected him and knew him as "al amin"(the trust worthy). Now we have Fred Aprim with his education and we see where that has gone, or then there is Bet Jumbalaya, another dweeb and joker and the many other heroes of the internet.

One doesn't have to be Muslim to respect Muhammad or write of him. Many of the books at barnes and nobles are written by atheists and they still write positive of him. You don't have to be pro-Israel to believe in the holocaust or defend Jews from Nazis nor do you have to be gay to be pro-gays.


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