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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 1 2017, 21:45:54 (UTC)
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"....the person, 10,000 years ago, who first suggested we might want to reconsider eating family members, raw... no doubt received a scathing rebuke from the FOX news of that day....progressives have always been on the right side of history because, guess what, the word "progress" in in their name.

"...a review of true progressive measures out there today, and getting mocked, will one day become the new norm...and so on and so forth...that's just the price you pay for being ahead of your time."

-- Yes, exactly! I always have to stop folks who say, "thank god I work only 8-hours a day and have Saturdays and Sundays off, and enjoy breaks and paid sick days..." -- NO! Thank the Southern and Eastern European anarchist emigres for that. It was they who fought for these gains. And you have Saturdays off because many of these anarchists were Jewish, and even though they were all atheists, they fought for their religious comrades who needed the day off to go to the synagogue.


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