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Re: Happy New Year EVERYONE!
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Monday, December 31 2007, 9:07:48 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>If you can't be a dick, don't be an asshole... Just stay a virgin pussy, there will be more people in the world who would want your acquaintance...
>Stay well ALL, Life is too beautiful to waste on what you can't change. Learn not to waste your energy, and stay away from the negative ones, coz they will drain you... Let nature take care of things, coz it ALWAYS does...
>And remeber, life isn't perfect and shit always happens... Yet most importantly, "LIVE & LET LIVE".
>About those who are unfortunate and die unnecessarily... Relax! They can't worry, can they?... Besides, just like everything else in nature, they get recycled too...
>Have a good one

Same to you mi nigga have good new year don't party to hard if you do and stay ouf of trouble. God bless.


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