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Re: Harpal Brar on imperialism and the war on Libya
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 9:41:03 (UTC)
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You welcome bro. The communist and socialist parties were very strong in the US at one point and there are still smaller groups around and individuals but the media helps scare dumb Americans away. I know some American communists and I know there is a guy in Florida running for some office and he straight up openly admits that he is a hardcore communist. People seem to forget that it was the Soviet Union which supported a lot of such groups and helped people financially. It wasn't the American government that favored pro-workers parties but it was communists. America hates unions and it reminds them of communism. Why you think giants such as the Home depot and Wal-Mart hate unions. They will fire their workers quick if they're caught talking to union reps. It's a shame that such giants get away with all kinds of abuse against workers and make billions in profits during this entire time.

If they were union, they would be forced to change their ways and would have to pay better wages, and improve the work conditions. I believe all of these American jobs are slavery and all I can do is laugh out of anger when I see how much Americans put up with and how they are actually fucked over in this country. People have it made in other countries and do not work like this nor behave this way. There is a Mercedes plant somewhere in the woods of Alabama and one doesn't need to wonder why in such a isolated area and it's not hard to guess that the reason is money as usual. They have plants in Germany where they have to spoil the German workers but it's cheap to open a plant in the USA somewhere and pay people far less money and without having to offer the benefits which are given over there. Americans will work for low wages but Germans won't. I recall German teachers would go on strike and demand more money when they already were paid well. I remember when the public transportation employees went on strike and also got what they wanted. Americans don't know what strikes are and couldn't afford to miss an hour of work because Charles the landlord will kick them out and they don't have money saved from all the years working.

They know how to protest against Muslims, mosques, immigration, abortion, gays etc but don't know anything else. They'll stand like idiots in the rain hugging one another with US flags but don't know how to put their foot down. American rich and politicians have it made with such dumb population where they can't do anything about it. There is a huge difference between Americans who are ignorant and have never left this prison and those who have traveled and seen other nations. The American soldiers loved in Germany and other parts of Europe and wouldn't wanna come back. Many of them would marry German women and never wanna come back to America. The reason these donkeys think their nation is so great is because of CNN and because they have never been anywhere. Hell, many have never even left the state they live in and imagine leaving the country.

I think communist parties will regain more publicity one day in this country and the working class will have no choice but to support it and be part of it. It would take a revolution to change things.


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