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Re: Have Christians no Shame?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, October 24 2010, 1:08:41 (UTC)
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I dont believe Christians would say "sorry" to Muslims because this is a different kind of hatred. Muslims happen to have a lot of darkies and I believe it to be a huge factor and the fact that Muhammad was an Arab. Christians can at the end still tolerate a Jew over a Muslim just because they both share the Old Testicles even though the Christians do injustice to it but they still share some things in common with Jews. Why do you think our boys get happy and praise Jews when they murder Muslims in Palestine? Christians also support Israel financially and militarily because they see Muslims as more evil than Jews. Of course they hate both, but the hatred for Muslim is more than that of the Jews. Christians murdered over a million Iraqi children without any objection from the international community.

You are correct about the similarities between the hatred of Jews leading to the holocaust and what our media is doing to Muslims now. Now it is more scary because the media is more advanced today and a better tool to portray an entire people as demons. Look at how much bigger the media made little poor Saddam look when in reality he was like an ant. Christians won't apologize to Muslims and they really haven't even done so to Jews because the Nazis are portrayed as evil atheists and not Christians.


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