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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, January 5 2008, 2:43:18 (CET)
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Another thing about the "heresy" subject is that the Church of Rome labeled all the other Christian sects as as "heretics". That does not mean that they weren't viwed the same by the other sects and each of those sects viwed all the others as heretics as well. It was only that the Church of Rome took power and managed to over power the rest and declare themselves as the "true Christians. Constantine made the change and his group began to get rid of all the others by any means possible and began persecuting the Pagans, Jews and other Christian sects. There was a change over night and "Christians" went from being the persecuted minority to being the official religion of the Roman Empire and everything changed from that point on.

Now, as for the pagans, they resisted the Christians very strongly. There are pleanty of books written around the time period of the early centuries of Christian history. There were books written by Pagans against the Christians and there were even debates and fighting. The message of Christianity wasn't very appealing to the Pagans and the Christians failed for the most part in gaining Pagan converts at first. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the many doctrines of Christianity were nothing new to the Pagans. They already had their man/God, their trinities, sacrificed saviours for the redemtion of sins, drniking blood and eating the flesh and many other aspects that exists in Christianity were known to the Pagans for centuries before the coming and emerge of Christianity. This had a lot to with the Pagan resistense and the Pagan learned men were criticizing the Christians early on with being nothing more than a counterfit version of the Jewish religion which was mixed with other beliefs.

But everything changed the day Constantine converted to Christianity and he really didn't care for it much other than the fact that he needed something new to unite his empire and try to bring Jews, Christians and Pagans together under one religion. That wasn't possible of course and there were problems within Christianity itself because there were various sects all over the region all claiming to be "Christians" and this was a problem. The group which Constantine supported were the ones to make the rules and call everyone else "heretics". As I mentioned above, that doesent imply that his group were the "real Christians" but they just were more powerful and managed to over power the rest. From that point on they began persecuting, killing and forcefully converting and gaining converts by any means possible. The Pagans and especially the Jews were the victims for the next few centuries and the Jews were victims of persecution all the way to the last century during Hitler's time.

So, for those Evangelic Christians or the various Protestant sects which all claim to be the "true Christians and criticize the Roman Catholic Church and label them as "false Christians", "Pagans" etc, they are forgetting that the Protestant churches broke away only a few centuries ago and even they have divided themselves and have their own Bibles. However, no matter how much they criticize the Catholic Church they are still not much different because they kept all the convenient and main doctrines of the Catholic church. Furthermore, it was the Church of Rome which managed to enlarge Christianity and spread it all over through all means. While they all call each other "heretics" and can't see eye to eye, none of them can prove to be the "true" Christians because there never was such thing. In reality, they are all heretics because none of them actually agreed from day one and there was never such thing as "true" Christians because they were all divided from day one and never had a Bible until nearly 400 years after Jesus(as) and they never agreed on that either.

As some may know, the movement of Jesus was a small movement which consisted of Jews or Israelites and they didn't try to convert "gentiles". Even the gentiles who were converting through Paul(who never knew Jesus) were in reality becoming Jews if anything because it wasn't a new religion. It's just that the ones who followed Paul are the ones who became known as "Christians" and not the followers of Jesus(as) who were still Jewish. Today's Christians, no matter which of the thousands and thousands of denominations, sects and cults, they are all in reality followers of Paul and the rest of the early sects were all annhialated as "heretics".


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