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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 1:36:46 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>yeah... Well If I want to participate here then I prefer to argue about something rather than parrot the same dominant views of this forum. I will therefore take the contradictory stand.

...all views are welcome....we never refuse anyone, never ban or delete or impose passwords....if there is parrot here he flew in with you....these are the same views, if you want to call them that, that you parroted years ago.
>Jesus never orchestrated a battle, never held arms, never traded for monetary gain, never fucked, never cursed... what else... Muhammand never commanded an Inquisition or wiped out Native American tribes...what's your point? Who accused Jesus of these things that you feel you have to defend him?....I said the world would be better off without Christianity...Jesus was harmless though a bit deluded, too obsessed with the end of the world and gave bad advice, such as leave your family, your responsibilities and come follow me...civil society can't exist like that...and the worst that can be said about him is that he appealed to the Roman Empire which made him over in their image., what else is new...anything?
>pancho wrote:
>>...where you been?
>>I see you're back at the old stand with the same old nonsense....The world would be far better off without Jesus, period. That doesn't mean it has to adopt Islam...


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