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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 6:56:03 (CET)
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Someone said Americans have freedom in little things but are completely powerless in the bigger issues. You fly into Los Angeles and have 350 rental cars to choose from...any one of which will serve for sitting for hours on the freeway. Americans can choose from thousands of brands of clothing...but they haven't the freedom to work at jobs making those clothes.

Americans have "market freedom" that is; they can buy anything in the fact, there are too many choices...more than necessary...we stand in front of shelves groaning with material goods we are "free" to to be overcharged...but we have no freedom of politics..of choice in the big things which affect our lives..the hell with how many T shirts we are "free" to choose from.

With all the anger over this war we can't make a dent...even when we "freely" elected the last batch of skunks in our "free" elections. We laughed at Iraq for having only one candidate, Saddam..and said how terrible it was that the Iraqis didn't have a "choice". Look at our election...which millionaire do you want to "freely" choose to represent you?

Many other countries surpass the United States in granting political freedom to their citizens...where it counts. We all know our health care system sucks and is a disgrace...yet who among us can "freely" change it? Even when we "vote for change" we get it? Not by a long shot.


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