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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 18 2007, 5:24:35 (CET)
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Very interesting. I hadn't realized the sequence, I mean that an entire story was being told in the reliefs frame by makes sense and of course, now I see it. But, as always, such programs which begin with praise, never end without some negative summation that seems to me to be besides the point...also, it comes 2500 years later and from a culture totally different.

I don't see where lack of "emotion" on the faces of warriors means we can't care...this is stylized's's formal, it's official...soldiers are supposed to be stoic, heroic...the thought that American soldiers, Christians all, are in Iraq smiling or weeping, I don't care which, while they kill people who are trying to defend themselves doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy towards them.

Other than that it was well done and informative...but we have something to teach too, today, I mean.


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