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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, May 14 2008, 0:38:36 (CEST)
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You know it's interesting that you bring up the subject of cannibalism because you are not the only one or the first person to object to it. I was reading the book by Dr Bart Ehrmann, "Misquoting Jesus" and the Pagans in the Roman world were already accusing the Christians of eating flesh and drinking the blood of a human and that they were worshipping a crucified crimminal. After all, crucifixion was not a pretty thing nor was it fun to watch. It was a horrible way of dying and this method was used for crimminals such as rebels and others who were causing sedition. It was a tool which was to scare people and make them think twice before objecting to Roman occupation. Anyhow, the author of the book goes on to show how Christians were losing the debates against the Pagans and it was the Christian scriptures that these Pagan intellects were using against the Christian. Therefore, scribes had to change their scriptures to avoid difficulties and criticism.

As for the subject of forced conversions and Islam, I believed this myth throughout my youth because of my ignorance and hatred for Muslims. I honestly believed Christianity was just this beautiful peaceful religion of the blondish or red haired Jesus in the images and the Islam was just demonic. I believed the spread of Islam was made possible by forced conversions and I totally ignored finding out about the Islamic golden age or doing any real research on it. One day a "born again" Christian friend of mine allowed me to borrow a book called the "encycolopedia of world religions" and I began reading about the violent history of Christianity from Rome to everywhere else. The public executions by the church one of them as late as the 1890s in Mexico and I was just shocked. after learning that Christianity was spread this way, I was now more convinced that Islam must be even worse because "Christianity" was the truth for me after all. But I was shocked to find out that this is the most absurd myth that has ever been created against Islam and Muslims.

The claim that Muslims went around on horses and camels, looting, stealing raping, killing and forcing people to convert at the point of the sword is so pathetic that it insults the intellegence of the average human being. I remember reading the stupid articles by these Christians who call themselves Assyrians and they always claim "when the Moslems invated Mesopotamia, they gave the inhabitants of that region who were all Christians two choices; convert or die". I believed this myth without questiong or asking for proof. Just a little common sense will prove this myth a lie. How would have been possible for these Christians to have survived in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the Islamic ruled lands if Muslims only gave two options? When I found out this was just a myth and that it was Christianity that was brought this was, I was shocked and angered by these Christians which I trusted and believed were honest men of God. On the conrary, they are not honest nor even pious men of God or even followers of Jesus(as). They are a group of fanatical Christians who are racists and bigots with an agenda.

The correct story goes that Mesopotamia was miserable at the hands of Christians and the Christian populations there were actually oppressed and killed by Christians. It was Muslims that saved them and libirated them. The reason the greater Christian Syriac population dimminished is not because of forced conversions but because most of them embraced Islam on their on free will. We always here about "Arabization" and "Islamization" but we don't here Freddy or the rest mentioning "Aramization" or "Westernazation". It's only a problem to become influenced and friends with Arabs or become Muslim.

You also reminded me of something funny when you said that "Assyrian women refused to denounce Christ at point of sword but were willing to convert to avoid the little jizya". Which is absurd and funny but I heard another excuse about how those "Mahlomoye" who were supposedly a group of Syriac Christians who accepted Islam only because they had a conflict with the church which wouldn't excuse them from fasting during their church prescribed period. I guess these people didn't think that Muslims fast also and not just abstain from milk, cheese, chockolate or meat but every Muslim is obligated to fast during the month of Ramadan for 30 days. This means no food, drink or sex for the 30 days from morning until sunset. Why would they leave a religion which doesen't even really fast to joing Islam which is more strict than Christianity unless of course they knew what they were doing? It's all the same old myths.

The most common are that Muslims killed Assyrians just for being Christian or Assyrian and that they forced people to convert to Islam. I guess 1,400 years wasn't long enough to forcefully convert the 10 million copts of Egypt, the Palestinian Christians who fought side by side with muslims against Christians or to the Turks and Arabs didn't have enough time for over a 1,000 years to convert the long persecuted Christian sects who were living in Mesopotamia. They really think people are really this stupid and ignorant. This kind of garbage only works when one is a child, ignorant and unwilling to research. If one researches and does what we do, we get banned, deleted and charged with working for the "Zionists" but of course as usual all their claims are always without proof.


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