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Re: ISLAMIC countries has more FILTH than anyone!
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, November 23 2007, 16:55:40 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>This is the ARAB MUSLIM mentality that he never admit or confess anything WRONG DOING in ISLAM, but try always to explore what is going on in the Christian people to legitimize his ISLAM !
>IF he was trying with good intentions speaking about these UGLY things that happen in Islam, Christianity and others in general, it was fine with me, but his goal and purpose is to smear CHRISTIANITY only the most peaceful religion in the world to show that Islam is the best,

...wait a minute. How is Christianity the most peaceful religion in the world? Where have you been? When you people finished killg all the Muslims and Jews and Europe, you turned on each other, Christian killing Christian until millions were dead. Have you heard of the Thirty Years War? Have you heard of the First World War...and the Second? Show me where Islam did the same...go ahead.

...and one more me where Islam killed people JUST for their religion...go ahead. That's your most favorite charge against me where, in history and not in manuscripts, Islam ever killed Christians, or Jews, JUST for their religion.

while you people just I posted here to wake him up that in ISLAM also these things happen when I posted those news in the Arabic language about that Egyptian WHO WAS ENGAGING SEX with his own daughter about 4 years until she ran away, THIS SMART never bring such stories but he only pick about Christianity WHILE HE IS CHOOSING TO LIVE AMONG THEM .

...I never thought when I came to America..or went to Mexico, that I was going to live "among Christians"...I went to live among PEOPLE. And many of us, if Christians were killing Iraqis and ruining Iraq. would love to have been able to live in Iraq...yes, even under many of us did in peace and prosperity.

>This the so-called ( unfortunately ) Assyrian Muslim never write things about the religious which is fond off ' ISLAM ' , WHERE THERE ARE MANY , the only thing HE DOES attacking CHRISTIANITY while living among them which provide him with everything the most advanced nation on earth could offer,

...let's get somehting straight; America is NOT the most advanced nation on earth...there are several which have a higher standard of living. free education and medical care and no homeless people living in cars and under bridges. Besides which, if all this prosperity comes at the cost of the basic rights and welfare of countless millions around the world, then it's not a very good or enviable're simply talking of a nation that has managed to rob half the world, condemning countless poor people to a lifetime of misery so you can eat ice cream. Is that Christian?

WHILE HIS MUSLIMS are living in the SLUMS like animals ( please to know more ) read a very famous Syrian Muslim poet GOD BLESS HIM ' Nizar Qabanni ' in his verses ' WHO KILLED THE IMAM

...There are plenty of slums in Christian countries...and way too many rich people in Islam. In Brazil, a Christian coiuntry, there are seven million children living in major cities undergroud...they come out at night like rats and search for food...there is hunger and disease in America...I think you're getting a little desperate...are you trying to convince yourself?

America's properity is dependant on the abuse and subjugation of countless people around the world( for instance, ever since America raped Iraq the price of oil has shot up way beyond what Saddam would have charged,,,while this is no benefit to you, a few very rich people got a lot richer) I guess so long as you are pleased...all is well?

At least you stayed out of the bedroom on this post.


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