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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 30 2013, 19:43:15 (UTC)
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Taoro wrote:
>i didnt say we where strong or brave or heros but will get there no thanks to the likes of you. Whats the alternative changing in to fucks like you no thanks i rather be a christian assyrian hero...

...what a dim memory...this Taco can't remember when he posted a photo of a babe in a bikini and told us about how POWERFUL she was...because she has assyrian tits, or something.

...these people are constantly issuing threats against Turks and Arabs etc, calling for ONE THOUSAND assyrians to assemble somewhere and other masturbatory delights...some of them claim that one assyrian is worth 1000 Muslims! They constantly say they are related to ancient heroes and warn about what will happen when they get 10,000 assholes are any greater threat to anyone than ten assholes.



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