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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 25 2014, 5:29:23 (UTC)
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all these people who say "the voters have spoken and their will should be law" either don't know where they are living or no nothing about our form of government...every proposed law, before it becomes final, must be reviewed by the courts to make sure it doesn't defy the Constitution, that is the LAW, that is what the Constitution says...THAT is the test, not "the will of the people"...the people can express their will by voting for a change in our Constitution, but that's it...they can't decide to deny rights to a group simply because they don't like that group...will or no will...the Constitution protects "inalienable rights"...that means rights that can't be taken away, by anybody's will.

That's the reason these bigots always lose in court, because they are merely arguing in favor of their PREJUDICES and court is not the place for have to argue LAW....just like our dweebs who say anything and lie and pull "experts" from their arses but don't dare repeat these things anywhere else.


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