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Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 9:34:40 (CET)
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Dear Brother :

Shlama +

It will be a good idea, but here I will tell you a story which is is a fact, about 20 years ago - I am not exactly sure- there was a CONFERENCE about the Middle East which is done every year - this year was in Canada - such conference was in Chicago I was personally there and came the story of Dr. Joseph and his promotion about our name where he was attacked from every corner and the most amazing one was when somebody raised the issue , if the British named the NESTORIANS what about the Jacobites who are claiming to be ASSYRIANS too?
And it seems didn't know that there was a young gentleman which is HANNA HAJJAR who stood up and told him yes I am a JACOBITE , but I see myself an ASSYRIAN .

You want tell you truth he was very embraced !!1


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