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Re: I’m Done Trying to Empathize With Poor White Trump Voters
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, November 25 2016, 19:37:25 (UTC)
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"...the whites who complain now voted for Reagan and Bush and Bush and Nixon too...the long slide began with the "hate your government" movement of the to come was a disdain for taxes, which benefited the rich, but hurt everyone else because over time there was no money for anything, except wars, which is just more Big Business...always money for that...and we didn't see the rich doing more for the rest of us because their taxes were lowered, as they told us they would...and these dummies voted for it AGAIN!

"And they want to blame this on Blacks and minorities and "special favors" they receive?"

-- Lewis Powell, later Supreme Court Justice Powell, played a big role in the rollback of socioeconomic gains and cultural progress -- especially for Blacks, women, minorities, and what was then called the Gay Movement. He was a conservative White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) male capitalist who had had enough of the "hippies" and "hep cats" and "commies". So he wrote the Powell Manifesto (or the Powell Memo) and by the time Carter was being shamed out of
office, the Republican Revolution (counter-revolution) was already in full gear.

Powell Manifesto:


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