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Posted by Taoro (Guest) - Friday, July 26 2013, 19:23:20 (UTC)
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Ok dont take the luvians word for it take our own peoples word what about this quote

The Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Michael the great (1126-99) wrote:
In the first half of the 9th century "the Greeks were offending the Jacobites by saying: 'Your Syrian sect has no importance neither honor, and you did never have a kingdom, neither an honorable king'. the Jacobites answered them by Saying that even if their name is "Syrian", but they are originally "Assyrians" and they have had many honorable kings.... Syria is in the west of Euphrates, and its inhabitants who are talking our Aramaic language, and who are so-called 'Syrians', are only a part of the 'all', while the other part which was in the east of Euphrates, going to Persia, had many kings from Assyria and Babylon and Urhay. (History of Mikhael The Great" Chabot Edition (French) P: 750) as quoted by Addai Scher, Hestorie De La Chaldee Et De "Assyrie") what about this muslims writing:
The Tenth Century scholar and bookseller Abu al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Ishaq al-Nadim in his catalogue or index titled Fihrist al-Nadim, mentions Assyrians when he wrote about the books and scripts of various people of his time. Al-Nadim defines them as Ashuriyun (Arabic for Assyrian) and writes : “Their master and chief is named Ibn Siqtiri ibn Ashuri [son of Siqtiri son of Ashuri]. They collect revenues and profits. At some things they agree with the Jews but about other things they disagree with them. They appear to be a sect of Jesus”. You cant se the forest because of all the trees that is the whole problem with you or actually it isnt its that you are in a battle with assyrian nationalists and you do what you can to try to smear all assyrian and as i sai before all you do is strengthen us


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