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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 4 2011, 23:40:38 (UTC)
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I don't think there was anything monstrous about Hitler at all....he merely took Christian teaching on Jews to its logical conclusion...and, of course, he had German industrial means to effect the Church's program...long long ago there was an ideological battle between two of the Fathers of the Church...can't remember which sick fucks it was but one said the Jews should be killed outright, to show what happens when you go against de Lawd...and the other said they should be saved, kept in hand for use, for slow piecemeal destruction down the centuries so it wouldn't be a one-time thing, a waste...but they'd be on hand always to torture and kill whenever Christians needed to rally round the Cross.

Now they've added the chance to make handsome profits off sticking the ones they didn't manage to kill in among Muslims in such a way and with directives from the United States to keep agitating the Palestinians so that American can make billions...and since 1973, a trillion point six.

It's a good thing Christians "saved" the Jews.


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